Rights and responsibilities - Comité des usagers du Centre Jeunesse de la Montérégie
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Rights and responsibilities of youth centre users


    • To be provided with adequate, individualized services tailored to your needs, your reality and your situation, all recorded in an intervention plan (PI or PSI)
    • To be treated with courtesy, fairness, respect and dignity
    • To be able to express yourself and be consulted for the services you have a right to and the decisions that affect you
    • To receive any information about yourself within a reasonable length of time in a language you understand
    • To give or refuse your consent to voluntary interventions/interactions
    • To view your file in accordance with the provisions of the Act
    • To be represented by a lawyer
    • To have the right to confidentiality in all communication
    • To be accommodated to an appropriate location
    • Be assisted and accompanied in your actions relating to the services of the Youth Centre or during a complaint process.


    • Ask questions as necessary for you to have a good understanding of your intervention plan
    • Listen to what is being presented to you and make sure you understand
    • Be honest about what you say
    • Respect the speaker as a dignified and honest person
    • Respect the youth and other people you live with
    • Respect the environment in which you live (accommodation) or the one you are in (meeting rooms, supervised visits, etc.)
    • Collaborate and participate positively in the proposed measures and activities, especially in your intervention plan
    • Share your dissatisfaction with the stakeholders
    • Respect the privacy of other people (confidentiality)
    • Use the services in a reasonable way.