Purpose - Comité des usagers du Centre Jeunesse de la Montérégie
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The mandate of a Users’ Committee is to be the spokesperson for the users of its establishment, ensuring respect for the rights and freedoms of each person, and working for the continuous improvement of the services received and the living environment for each person.


According to the terms of reference issued by the Quality Directorate of MSSS, June 2006 :

The mandate of the Users’ Committee and the residents’ committees is to be the guardian of the rights of the users. These committees must ensure that users are treated with respect and dignity in recognition of their rights and freedoms. They are one of the most important spokespersons for the users involved with the institutions.

Respect for the rights of the users, the quality of the services and the satisfaction of the customers constitute the foundations that guide their actions. The committees must have a particular concern for the most vulnerable clientele and work to promote improvement in the living conditions for all residents.




Residents’ Committees


The residents’ committees, for their part, have the same mandate as the Users’ Committee, but their mandate is carried out only at the residences. Young people are nominated by their peers to represent their unit, and to meet once a month at a minimum, in order to promote the rights of residents as well as to improve the quality of life in their environment.

Who are the users of the youth center?


You are a user of the Montérégie Youth Centre if :


  • The situation of your child has been reported to the Department of Youth Protection.
  • You are the biological parent (or responsible person) of the child whose situation has been reported to the DYP.
  • You are a child or a teenager in rehabilitation. There are 4 campuses offering internal rehabilitation (thus with accommodation) in the territory: Chambly, St-Hyacinthe, Longueuil and Valleyfield
  • You are a child or teenager in a foster family or in a group home
  • You are a child or teenager receiving services from the Youth Centre


If you have questions about your rights, responsibilities, or regarding your follow-up with the DYP?  Call Us!


The Users’ Committee of the Montérégie Youth Centre is an organization that aims to defend, protect and respect the rights of users. It is also a consultation and collaboration service for various forums and stakeholders, specifically, the youth protection and youth programme directorates. The Users’ Committee is intended for all users (young people and parents) for the entire Montérégie territory receiving services under the following laws:

  • The Youth Protection Act (YPA)
  • Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA)  


And for some young people in residence :

  • Health Services and Social Services Act (HSSSA)


  • Educate users about their rights and obligations;


  • Promote the improvement of the quality of the users’ living conditions and to assess the level of satisfaction of users with the services obtained from the Montérégie Youth Centre;


  • Defend the rights and collective interests of users or, at the request of a user, their rights and interests with the institution or any competent authority;


  • Accompany or assist on request, a user in any process which he undertakes, including when he wishes to lodge a complaint;


  • Ensure, where appropriate, the proper functioning of each of the resident committees and ensure that they have the necessary resources to carry out their duties.


The User Committee is :


A group of parents and young people who are or have been users of the CJ in the Montérégie and wish to improve the services offered.  Members of the Committee usually meet each month (except in July) to be consulted on policies or regulations, receive information or be trained on matters of interest.


(Travel and security expenses reimbursed for members.)

To become a member,
you must :


  • Be or have been a youth centre user or have a deep interest in the youth centre clientele
  • Attend three consecutive meetings as a probationary membe
  • Thereafter, attend all the monthly meetings of the Committee


For more information, call us!   (450) 679-5433